Friday, January 6, 2012

Congrats to Totally Tina! & The Chocolate Party

Congratulations to Totally Tina Scott on winning the Mormon Mommy Writers blog contest. She's the winner of the delicious assortment of Japanese chocolate AND a signed copy of my Coming-Soon book BIG IN JAPAN, due out July 21st in hardcover. Tina is a great writer and artist. In fact I have two of her books on my shelf right now. My kids were reading her book COYOTE'S GRAND ADVENTURE just yesterday. It's a favorite!

Thanks for playing! And a big thanks to Megan Oliphant over at Mormon Mommy Writers for featuring me in their Anniversary contest! Good times, ladies.

In the background I am listening to the screams of my daughter's 7th birthday party (I'm hiding. How awful am I on a scale of 1-10? It's just for a sec, I promise.) We're having a CHOCOLATE PARTY (her request. More evidence I'm a good parent.) They're done dipping fruit and pretzels and marshmallows on skewers and are ready to play "Pin the Oreo Top on the Oreo" with the construction paper Oreos the birthday girl made. Then it's time to make the Chocolate Boxes! Very fun. Verrrrry messy. What was I thinking. Oops. Disaster. Chocolate covered strawberry-marshmallow on the carpet! Dash!

Chocolate Boxes photo


  1. Jennifer, what a fun party mom you are! And it looks so yummy too... I wanna be yer kid. (My birthday is in a couple weeks.)
    Fun post.
    ~ Joyce S. of Tumblewee Lane

  2. Thanks, Joyce. I bet you were a fun kid to throw a birthday party for. And no, I'm not a great birthday party mom. We do one every seven years for a kid. (Friend party, that is. Family parties on the 6 years in between.) But the chocolate cake was DIVINE. Love that Hershey's recipe.

  3. A Chocolate Party?! You are the best mom ever.

  4. Heh heh. Thanks, Tracy. They'd disagree with you on normal days (aka "work days.") Of course, I did let them all play video games all day Saturday instead of pull the weeds out front, so maybe I'll just remind them of that and they'll be forced to agree with you. Dang it. Now I'm regretting not conscripting them into the weedpulling army.


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