Wednesday, January 11, 2012

BIG Cheese is the New Chocolate & Overwhelming Encouragement!

I now have not one but TWO whole horns of Colby cheddar on the top shelf of my refrigerator. If the Great Famine hits this week, we're in the cheese.

My friend Emily says she does a ton of pressure canning, cans all her meat because she wants to save room in her freezer for more important things: like cheese.

I can't say I disagree.

These two horns should last us a couple of months. Well, they'd better. Otherwise, it might be that we're eating too much cheese. (Is there such a thing? My 4yo eats almost nothing besides cheese. The occasional half a Dum-Dum sucker. And cheese. That's it.)

So, anyway, I was at the library today chatting with the very stylish librarian (don't remember her name, dangit). She'd heard about my upcoming book somehow and mentioned she'd always kind of wanted to write a book. Ever since she moved from the city to our smallish town, she's wanted to write a humorous story on a similar vein.

When I hear this kind of thing, my world lights up! I love to hear about people who are wanting to get into writing! Seriously, I get silly with excitement. It's a little overwhelming for the unsuspecting person who shared, I'm sure, but I can't help but go a little berserk.

"Oh! You really should!" I said.

She hemmed and hawed. "Oh, I work in a library. I know how many books there are out there. Anything I'd write has already been done, and better than I could do it."

"Not so!" I cried. "Your story is yours. Just write one chapter! See how it makes you feel. If you love it, keep going!"

At that point, the 4yo dragged me over to the fish aquarium, I'm sure to the relief of the librarian. But I have to echo this same thing here to all who have a dream of writing. Put some words on the page! That's really the essence of what all writers do. They may have to be imperfect the first few times, but I like what (I think it was) Jack London said: "I'm a terrible writer, but I'm an excellent rewriter." (Or thereabouts.)

I'm writing terribly a lot this week. The first draft is back underway from my NaNo novel. I'm glad I let it percolate for a month because there are a few really great connections between characters, as well as motivations, that are popping to mind. It's fun to see where this might eventually go.

When I rewrite it five or six times!


  1. If the Great Famine does hit this week, I'm coming to your house!
    Thanks for the encouragement to try writing. I've wanted to for a while now, and I don't even have a story idea- I just kinda want to start something and see where it goes. If nothing else, it will be an interesting experience, lol!

  2. Sherral, there's enough cheese for you!

    That's great about writing desires! I agree--you don't really need an idea. Just put the words on the page and let them surprise you! Let me know how it turns out!

  3. Thanks for the motivation to keep writing. Yesterday I realized I need to scrap about two months worth of stuff from my novel and re-write it. Its good to know that others have to re-write too. Hopefully it all just gets better.

  4. JoLyn! I'm soooo sorry that happened. But at least you realized it NOW (before you submit). I can't tell you how many times I've had to completely chuck whole sections. I keep a "cuts" pile (I've heard others call it the Slag Heap) where good words don't go to die; they go into hibernation. It's too painful to send them into annihilation. Then I can always go back and draw from them in later edits. (I don't often actually grab from that heap, but it's like a security blanket to just know it's there "if.") Good luck rewriting!

  5. I only wish I could rewrite telephone conversations...I'd sound so much more articulate and eloquent...and credible. :) Can't wait to read your, "Big in Japan." And cheese and dum-dums sounds like the newest Hollywood Diet. You ought to include that in your latest novel.

  6. Oh, Lisa. Your eloquence extends far beyond phone conversations (although I have ZERO evidence of phone eloquence, as you have NOT called me in far too long.) Do you know how many times I quote things you've written on your blog, like when I'm visiting teaching and stuff? No, seriously.

    And as for Cheese&DumDums, it will make you weigh 24 pounds, with never, ever, ever a hope of escaping the annoying car seat. WHEN will we be moving to booster seats? Please! >sickofit<

  7. I'm glad somebody else's child survives off of cheese. We add crackers in occasionally as well. And I just realized that I ate a whole block of cheese myself in 3 days. I'm pregnant, so it doesn't count, right?

    I also love hearing about people writing books. It's very exciting to me.

  8. Thanks for the soul-cheese-sister reassurance, Kaylee. Of course cheese when you're pregnant is a green light. Anything that sounds good at the moment is what you should eat. As much as you feel like eating. You never know when your morning sickness might come back, so you have to calorie-load while the getting is good. Cheese--it's what's for dinner. Have you tried this? Lately I discovered I don't really need a vehicle for my melted cheese. I just placed the slice on the plate, put it in the microwave, and ate it all melty! Forget the tortilla or bread or corn chips. Melted cheese! Stringy and fantastic!

  9. What a great cheerleader you are.

    Had to let you know I was thinking of you yesterday when I learned that July is National Candy Month (but you probably already knew that).

  10. I did NOT know that July is National Candy Month. It should be! Think of all the candy thrown at parades during the month of July. It's a perfect tribute to candy month. (Oh, and the Nation's birthday, and the Pioneers, and such.) Next July when I go north, I might go to the Sweets candy factory for a tour. Red licorice flavored saltwater taffy? Yes, please.


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