Monday, April 2, 2012

Sure, now it works! And Jolly Fish and Cereal

Blogger has been giving me the spinning wheel of death in the "compose" box for a couple of weeks. Finally it allows me to blog! My need to spew into the blogosphere has been great, and now that it allows me, I've pretty much drawn a blank.

Meanwhile, I'm getting excited about Big in Japan! I finished all the edits over spring break. Believe me, doing edits while riding for 37 hours in a 13 year-old Suburban filled with five kids, eleven drying out Happy Meals, and a neverending litany of books on CD is a little tricky. I wonder if anything I sent back to my publisher is even coherent.

It seems they still like me, however. I get encouraging emails from them at least once a week. How nice is that? Jolly Fish Press! They're pretty awesome. I wish every writer could find as great a group of people to work with as I've been lucky/blessed enough to find.

Jolly Fish Icon

A lot of my writing friends, both published and yet-to-be-published have been asking me about this publisher. Seriously? I have no complaints at all whatsoever. I've always known I'd prefer to be with a small press, where the team knows the writers, where it's a smaller pond. (Not that I'm some big fish, just another jolly one.) I really like being part of a family-like operation. There are other writers who would prefer to be all New York, and that's great! I can see the merit in that. I'm just more of a small town girl, and a small press fits my personality. If that's you, I say go for it. Query these guys. You've got nothing to lose, and a great group of friends and cheerleaders to gain.

So. Cold cereal. It's still my nemesis. That darned Vanilla Almond Awake. Did I mention I'm running 15 miles a week now? Every week. And do I lose any weight? Nope. Back in the day, John Belushi said, "I owe it all to little chocolate doughnuts." Me? I owe it all to the delicious array of cold cereals that span my hall pantry. I think I need a handful of it now to get me through until it's time to go pick up the kids.

[Geez. Blogger. It won't let me upload the pic of my cereal. Imagine it HERE.]


  1. I think it's wonderful that you've found a publisher to fit your needs and I'm sure you book will be a huge success. I'll be first in line to buy a copy but I expect an autograph :-)

  2. I'm glad you're having a good experience with Jolly Fish.

    I can't imagine editing in the car--it makes me motion sick just to think about it. :)

  3. I can't wait to get their reply! Whether an acceptance or rejection, I'm past the crying phase now and ready to move onto the next query or big plan. I just like to know. :D And I really love what I see of JFP so far!

  4. @Donna-Thanks! I'm pretty sure as one of my beta readers you're going to have to EXPECT a copy!

    @Kaylee- Yeah, it was less than ideal circumstances. I don't get motion sickness (thank heaven) but the noise. The NOISE!

    @Kristin- I've got the highest hopes for your novel! (Steampunk, I assume.) And yes--there's a point where you don't care if it's accepted or rejected, dangit you just want to know! I agree with Joseph Smith's quote, "There's no agony so exquisite as the pain of suspense." (Or something thereabouts.)

  5. That's a great quote! Actually, this one is my first book, and I started writing it a year before I got into steampunk. My WIP (almost completed, yay!) is my first steampunk book. I have more fantasy ideas than anything else, and I was just thinking last night I need to come up with some more plots for that genre.

  6. Plot generation is probably my favorite part of writing. Have fun doing that! (I wish I were in that phase instead of the fixing-all-the-problems-with-the-current-plot phase.)

  7. One day I'm hoping to be right there with you on the bookshelves. I know I'm with you in the pantry--I love cold cereal. Now that the kids are grown, why should I make pancakes or waffles, or anything? Tina Scott

  8. Tina-
    I totally agree! We save all "fancy-breakfast-food" cooking for evening meals as a treat these days. It's all cereal, cereal, cereal around here.
    And you WILL be on the bookshelves. You've got so many fun books!


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