Monday, September 12, 2011

When is too much too much? (And a new project!)

When is enough enough?

Well, I think I might have hit that limit the other day when a 12 year old kid came up to me in WalMart, took one look at my shopping cart and said, "Whoa. Talk about unhealthy."

Chuh! If he only knew!

To give him credit, he did catch me on a particularly sugar-ified day. Here's a snapshot of some of the items in my cart:

3 boxes of sugar cereal
1 box ice cream sandwiches
1 quart vanilla ice cream
3 boxes of brownies
Reese's Pieces
Gummy Fruit Slices
2 pounds powdered sugar
1 big bag red licorice Nibs
1 package Oreos
1 package oatmeal cookies
1 big bag Smarties
1 box sugar cones
1 box regular ice cream cones
1 box waffle cones
1 box graham crackers
1 box M&Ms
1 package cream filled wafer cookies (the strawberry, chocolate, vanilla kind)
1 bag green apples (not candy)
1 bag green grapes (not candy)
I love the name of the source of this pic: Snack Overload. What else!?

Possibly some other things. I forgot the jelly beans, and WalMart didn't have any spearmint leaf gummy candies. I had to get them at Walgreen's later. And where are the licorice ropes these days?

Was that kid out of line? I keep going over it in my head. How should I have responded? I'm not sure.

Anyway, I wrote a children's book. Well, I rewrote one. I'd written it a few years ago and sent it to a publisher. I got a really nice rejection letter, saying they weren't publishing children's books. One rejection must have been all I could take at the time because I put it away until now.

But last week I dusted it off, gave it a new sheen and am ready to think about shopping it around again. I read it to my daughter's school class today, and they seemed to like it.

Maybe that's because I bribed them with White Chocolate Popcorn first.

I can't really think of a tie between the giant shopping cart full of candy and the new children's book thing. Maybe enough overthinking is enough.

Oh, I guess I'll justify myself here. I bought my daughter a book for her birthday:
No Bake Gingerbread Houses for Kids

It's a perfect food/craft/kid-fun blend. I HAD to get her the ingredients to make the fun, right? I can't wait.


  1. you know what he was probably thinking when he said that? 'wow i wish she was MY mom!' cause that's some really good stuff there. :)

  2. I was thinking, "Man I am going to go to Jennifer's house tomorrow!!"

  3. Response to clearly deprived child~

    (gleefully) "I KNOW, RIGHT?! BEING THE MOM IS AWESOME!" And then you tear open one or more of the bags and start shoveling it into your gaping jaw while you stroll away.

    I bet his mom recycles.

  4. @Carolyn-come on over!
    @Randomanda-that's the thing, there was a hint of disgust in his look. He'd been brainwashed.
    @Lisa-I know his mom, and YES, you nailed it. She's a recycler. Wish I'd eaten it ALL in one big bite.

  5. You always make me laugh.

    I was at the grocery store a couple of months ago and I was buying "trip food" for our road trip (you know, juice boxes, candy, trail mix, jerky, soda, more candy, sugar cereal's, etc.) I hear laughing behind me and it's this girl in my ward who is super healthy and she says, "I was thinking: who is this lady getting all this JUNK for her kids... and it's you!"

    Yeah, that's me :)

    Loved your children's story, btw. Good luck with it.

  6. Thanks, Kaylee. Glad you liked the children's story, and it's nice to know I'm not alone as a recipient of shopping-cart-scorn. I heart JUNK. And people who don't understand the need for junk, well, I don't understand them. Sometimes we just need it. Especially on road trips, as you so wisely point out. Makes me want some trail mix right now.

  7. Lisa, hit it: "I know, right?" is the only real response when you're speechless with embarrassment because you know they're right and a little annoyed that they said anything. Sarah Eden would be proud of you, Lisa--that's her favorite come back.
    Jen, the gingerbread house is super cute! Can I come over with my girls and "help" you?

  8. @Donna Sure! Bring the girls. I'm making Royal Frosting (with the 2 pounds of powdered sugar) on Friday morning and we're going to make the Igloo and the Fairy Palace, possibly the Fire Station too. With the Nibs. I hope I don't eat them all before that.


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