Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shame on Me (and fantastic smoothies)

So, I tried to post my last blog to Facebook, but it flagged me. It wouldn't allow me to post because my blog had been determined to be




Therefore, I would like to apologize right now to any readers of this blog if they have been harmed or spammied in any way.
Speaking of Spam, that's good stuff. There's a Hawaiian restaurant in town, Kainoa's, that serves it with rice and barbecue sauce and macaroni salad. They also make the best smoothie EVER. There are 4 or 5 choices of smoothies on the menu, but the one called Kickin' Kaleo is beyond delicious. And possibly sugar free. Okay, not, but I'm telling myself it's fruit.

Meanwhile, I'm querying my fool head off. It's a weird mix of exhilaration and demoralization. Pressing forward.


  1. Which book is going on Kindle? I agree that Kainoa's is pretty good food--but we're not fans of spam over here. I love the crispy chicken, and the chicken tacos.

  2. Have you had the pork? Mmmmmmmm. There aren't enough "mmm"s to describe my love for the pork.

    I'm putting up A Little Sisterly Advice. Soon! Getting through a few other details first. Like laundry. And dinner. And the children's theater. Et cetera!


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