Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Getting Excited for the Conference

I'm getting really excited for all the fun stuff this month.

Since fall I've been involved in the planning of our county's celebration of the Arizona Centennial. That all comes to fruition in the next week. There will be a parade Saturday and then a variety show on Tuesday, Valentine's Day, the day of Arizona Statehood. It's been great to get to know all the cool people in our community who make things like this happen, who make memories.

The next weekend I'm taking my son to see Wicked, the Broadway show. It's my first time to see it (as we live in a rural area and it's hard to get out sometimes.) We're so excited! He's counting the days, which makes me smile. What a cool kid I've been given.

THEN, the next weekend is the annual ANWA Conference. (Exciting music here, please.) This will be my fourth time to attend, and it is going to be fantastic! I can't believe all the speakers and agents and publishers the organizers have lined up. I'm really looking forward to the critique camp (and am working furiously to finish and polish a portion of my NaNo project to take with me) and to the fun girls-getaway it will be with other writers. I'm excited to see the other women in the ANWA groups that I've met at previous events, and to meet even more people. I'm excited to meet the agents and publishers. Seriously, I thrive on meeting people. It's so fun. Every time I've gone I've come away with information that has changed me for the better in some way, changed my writing, changed ... me. I love it.

So, yeah. Fun in February! A little stressy, but a great time, like Christmas. Very exciting!

Speaking of Christmas, it's almost Valentine's Day. I've heard the day after Valentine's Day referred to as "brown Wednesday" because it's the day all the chocolate goes on sale. I'm still reeling from my overdose of candy on Saturday, but I'm thinking it might be a good time to stock up on Dove dark chocolates for my husband. He loves those things! I mean, who doesn't? Seriously. Good chocolate, at the grocery store. So creamy. So fantastic. Milk is good too. I'm not particular. Give me some of each!


  1. Conferences are awesome! I'm headed to one tomorrow for the weekend. Have a good one! :)

  2. Jen, you are too funny and cute. I'm glad you enjoy being with all those people, I can't even fathom it without hyperventilating, but maybe someday I'll get a chance to find out. Have a great time.

  3. @Pam-it takes all kinds of personalities! I hope you get to attend a writing conference sometime, though. They are really worthwhile. The networking is one thing, but the information is really great too.

    @David-I bet you're going to LTUE. Aw. Lucky! Have a great time!


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