Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Life Has Shifted--and Pumpkin Cookies

Autumn is in the air. Well, sort of. My gauge still read 109* when I got in the car yesterday, so it's certainly not the autumn chill yet.


And that means autumn schedule. And that means a chance to write!

Can I express even an iota of how exciting that is?

It gets even better. The 3yo qualified for preschool (read: potty trained herself) and gets to go have fun a couple of mornings a week with Ms. K. Very exciting for her--and for me!

A lot can happen in three hours. Seriously. This morning during that kid-free block, I actually finished the hard-copy edit of my book. Yeah! I've been laboring at it for a month, taking bits and chunks at a time. Today my method was edit 5 pages, do one batch of laundry; edit 5 more pages, clean the play room; edit 5 pages, get a pan of pumpkin cookies going for the pack meeting refreshments.

PUMPKIN COOKIES! What says autumn more than the spicy smell of pumpkin cookies baking in your house (even if it's now over 80* in here because the oven's been on for 2 1/2 hours)?

The only downside is we picked this week to get our first puppy ever. A dog. An indoor dog. She's cute--darling, actually--but, didn't we have a prenuptial agreement about this? I've got to dig that thing out. Just 48 hours before I got my first real taste of freedom in almost 14 years, dog. But the kids begged.

It's just more evidence that my kids are turning me into a better person than I ever had any interest in being.

Anyhow, I'd better get back to turning these paper edits into digital info in my Word document. Then maybe I'll stop getting up to taste the pumpkin cookies.

Not My Pumpkin Cookies, but Really Close!

1 box Spice flavor cake mix
1 14.5 oz can pumpkin
1 bag mini chocolate chips

Combine all three ingredients. Drop onto cookie sheets. Bake 325* for 30 minutes.

(Oh, but note: the ones on the dark pan burned a bit on the bottom. I'm only sampling those. I promise.)


  1. THANK YOU for giving me this recipe which makes me look like a mother who cares. I owe you one.

  2. Oh, I am so making these...when it gets cooler, like 103.


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