Friday, March 18, 2011

Girls Day Out! Guess where.

My husband took my boys off to the mountain today, so the girls and I had a GIRLS DAY. I'll give you three guesses where we went.


To her credit, my 3 year old requested it. In our little town there's an old Sonic drive in converted into a candy shop, and we passed it this morning and she went into palpitations. "Please, Mommy! Please can we go to the Lollipop Shop right now?"

It was 7:15 a.m.  Now, that's a girl after my own heart.

The trip (with her sisters) eventually happened right after lunch, and I let the girls pick any candy they chose, although I think I would've vetoed anything that cost over $2. The older two took it very seriously, poring over their options, and eventually ended up with King Candy Necklaces. Those would be the same as regular candy necklaces (the kind with smarties on an elastic string) -- only bigger.

The 3 year old was less methodical. We opened the door to the store. She raced directly for the candy lipsticks that were in a big glass fishbowl, and snatched out a pink one. Less than five seconds flat from door to counter. Very smooth. 26 cents. Cool.

Me, it took all my will power not to get a set of wax lips (or wax fangs). And the Uno bar--my favorite of all time! It's like fluffy chocolate-infused lard covered in chocolate and with flecks of delicious mystery texture in it. LOVE in a SILVER WRAPPER.

I didn't eat it. I think the Easter candy did me in last week.

And on writing? I'm still editing. Editing. Is. Pain.


  1. Easter Candy last week? Easter hasn't arrived yet. I'll have to go read that post!

  2. I went to that Sonic a lot when I went to school down there... I like that it's a candy store now.

    Wax lips... ahhh... good times!

  3. @Marsha-Yes. I ate a whole entire bag of Cadbury Mini-Eggs. Shame on me. Plus a bunch of other candy. As usual. Someone needs to put me in a detox for this.

    @Whitney-Yes. All old Sonics (which they just abandon and build new next door for some reason) SHOULD be designated as candy stores. This one also sells Salt City Candles, and I find it a delightful combo!

  4. Stephany RobinsonMarch 20, 2011 at 4:59 PM

    What a fun Mom you are! I like that candy store too. It makes our small town a little more like a small town.


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