Saturday, January 8, 2011

Querying Querying Now We Go -- Er, no.

So, it's the new year. A lot of us are getting all excited about writing again, now that the rush of the holidays is over, and we're thinking about what we really want to accomplish. It's a great time to dust off our writing desks and get back to work.

HOWEVER, it is not the best time to start sending out queries!

Put those queries on the shelf, ladies and gentlemen.

In the excitement of resolutions, LOTS of people have this same idea. In fact, from what Anne Mini says, and what Kirk Shaw says, this first three weeks of January is the busiest time of year for agencies, with more queries coming slamming into their inboxes than any other time of year.

If I want to stand out in a crowd, I like to be in a smaller crowd (especially being as short as I am.)

Anne Mini had other advice on when to time queries, like, not on a Monday, as the inboxes are full to the brim with them, and not on Fridays or weekends, when agency people want to clean out the box and get out the door.  The best time is mid-week, she says.  So time it that way for "less competition."

Instead of making a goal for a January appearance on the agent's desk, go for a February 1 goal, or a March 1 goal, or thereabouts.  It's just doing yourself a favor.

Now, I'm not really in the know about all of this, and I don't mind admitting that. However, I think this makes sense and I believe it.  So, when I finish this novel I'm plunking away at (which I truly believe will be sooooon), I'm going to try to time my query to my best advantage!

Wait. Maybe I shouldn't have shared this info after all.

Speaking of things not to be shared, I'm one of those moms who doesn't share the best candy with the kids. One time I made a special dessert (her favorite) and took it to my friend who was going through hard times and when I showed up she let her kids pounce on it like locusts. Very generous of her, but am I like that? No. I am not. If there is food I love and feel like would be pearls before swine, the kids can just forget it. My husband too. (Although he doesn't give a rip about candy, poor guy. How much he misses!) The good stuff is mine.

My favorite things to hoard are the following:

Strawberry Twizzlers. See's Chocolates.

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